DAV visits Ampersand!

completely off the grid learning center located an hour away from Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Yesterday was Ampersand’s open house.  We were able to see the great work the interns had been doing for the past two months including the adjustment to self reliant lifestyles.  Its amazing to know that they small community uses only 400 watts of solar energy!!  Everything else in use worked harmoniously…

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Blog Post-Garrett

Ecological Literacy: Ecosystems, Patterns, and Society

Part 1: Introduction to Interconnectedness and Cyclicity

“Being ecologically literate means understanding the principles of organization of ecological communities (ecosystems) and using those principles for creating sustainable human communities.” -Capra, The Web of Life, 297

One can easily make the argument that the lack of true connection,…

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Your weeds are telling you something…

Your weeds are telling you something…




Weeds are looked at as nuisances especially in food gardens. “There is just too much grass!…What are we going to do about all of this ragweed?!” Introduced into organic gardening myself, I find myself with the same problem.

I began to ask myself “Why are these weeds here?” As I researched this, I found out that weeds are great indicators of soil quality! From getting a collection of…

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Stoves with rockets? Save energy and time!

Stoves with rockets? Save energy and time!

An energy-saving stove!

Rocket Stoves are a great way to reduce costs, energy, time, and ELIMINATES smoke if done properly!

They can be made portable or permanent depending on the usage needed.

Portable Rocket Stove

These stoves rely on small combustible materials (wood chips, leaves, newspaper, small sticks,etc.) to stay fueled.…

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Filtering grey water


What is grey water?
A used water that sources from any cleansing (handwater,showers/baths,laundry, and dishes) EXCEPT for toilet wastes and food scraps.

IMPORTANT: can only contain biodegradable/ecofriendly soaps.

An important part of permaculture
Filtering and reusing grey water is so necessary in terms of conserving water, energy, and money!
This water can be recycled, used in irrigation for…

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Aphids! http://wp.me/s3QqqG-aphids


I recently learned that these things are creepy,crawly,reproducing machines!  They can decimate crops and travel over thousands of miles through winds!!  Most of they’re life are spent as larvae, eating sap from dilapidated crops. Every one-two weeks the females ASEXUALLY reproduce.  If I haven’t made my case, these things need to be gone from your garden!

There are preventions!!

Here are a…

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